Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busy Bee

Well, what do you know...I'm back. Life has been just a touch hectic in my neck of the woods. I'd love to write a real post about something meaningful, but instead, I thought I'd just give a little update about what's been going on recently.  In no particular order (in regards to time or the alphabet) here's just a few things that have been keeping me busy:

  • We've been having the financial statement audit at work. Now, this isn't my first audit, so I should have been prepared, but we changed auditors and great goodness have they been kicking my butt this year. The audit is over, but I'm still working on footnotes, and good grief I just want this to end!

  • I of course took a little trip to Asheville, NC. I was going to write a post about that, but now it's been so long, I guess I won't. You can read about it here, but that's mainly just a review of what we ate...of course all we really did was eat, so there you go.
  • I stopped taking my headache medicine. I was taking a very strong medicine every single day. And you know what, I still had headaches. And to make it worse, the first medicine made me have nightmares almost every night and then the second medicine made me want to sleep all day and gain ten pounds in a MONTH. So, since my quality of life didn't improve, I decided I'd rather just do things a bit more naturally, so no more pills.
  • I visited the south's largest flea market. It was kind of awesome. I got to pet a baby pig and a couple of puppies. And I got to wonder, aloud even, how many items at a flea market were actually stolen before they were brought to the flea market to sell.
  • I have gone gluten free in my diet. The hippie doctor who does my B12 shots suggested that perhaps that I have gluten intolerance which could be causing me to have headaches almost every day. And since going gluten free doesn't make me have to take a pill every day I decided to give it a shot. I can't say that I've noticed that much of a difference at all yet, but I did buy a lot of gluten free food products, so I'm going to be gluten free until that's all gone. Of course I am only 9 days in, so we'll just have to see I guess.

Well, that's about it. Hopefully once things slow down, I'll actually get on a regular schedule of writing. Thanks for sticking around.  You are all very pretty (and handsome).