Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Next Forty-Six Days

Oh hey look, I actually came back to my blog. Last year when I ran the Peachtree, I injured myself. I was in a walking cast for a month and a half. Then once I started running again, I broke a bone in my foot, not a stress fracture, a complete, all the way through, break. I was in a walking cast again for three months. Plus, I had to take osteoporosis medicine for four months. And I've been in physical therapy since December. Basically, I spent the last quarter of 2013 in a funk and didn't even want to be in this space. But now I'm back at it.  Because hey, it's Lent!

I grew up Southern Baptist and didn't actually start observing Lent until joining the Methodist church. I love celebrating the holidays of the church and love the order that it brings to my life. I try to always give up something meaningful for Lent. This year, I'm giving up social media.

Gasp right? I mean I'm the Queen of Twitter (as per my husband). One of my friends even asked if Jeremy was taking bets on how quickly I'll fail. I love social media. As an introvert, it's really been one of the best things since sliced bread for me. I get to make friends on-line and then when I meet them in person, it's like we're old friends and it takes away all the trepidation of meeting new people. When I told our children's minister that I was giving up social media, she remarked that I was the only person that she knew who actually used social media to create community instead of just to observe community. So, yes, it's going to be hard.

So, why, if I love social media so much, am I giving it up for Lent? Well, that's the reason. I love it so much. It consumes an incredible amount of my time. It has basically turned into a stronghold in my life and what better time to break that stronghold than during Lent. When I wake up in the morning, I check Facebook and Twitter before I even get out of the bed. When I take breaks during the day, I check Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. When I get home from work, I spend the entire evening checking all three social media platforms over and over until I go to bed. I don't read my Bible or pray, I just piddle around on social media.

There's plenty to do in these next forty-six* days. I'm teaching a Lenten Sunday School class and working my way through Chris Seay's A Place at the Table. There is a stack of books taller than myself that I need to read. Our closets and the basement need to be organized and tons of things need to be donated to Goodwill. Our garden will need to be planted in April. Oh, and there are STILL Christmas presents that I need to finish.

So yes, lots is happening during those 46 days. I will be documenting a lot of it here. If you want to comment, please do so on the blog. I won't be checking Facebook or Twitter even though I have the blog set up to automatically post to FB and Twitter when I update it. If you have my phone number, please call me or text. If you have my email, by all means, send me an email. But even more importantly, if you live near me, let's see each other. Keep me accountable. I have ten books on my list to read in 46 days. Make sure I read them!

*Lent technically is forty days as the Sunday's during Lent are Feast Days; however, I won't be participating in the Feast days.