Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Has Anyone In This Family Ever Even Seen a Chicken?

Every time I go out to check on the chickens, I think about this...

I have only had these chickens since Saturday and I am already acting ridiculous about them. Today while I was at work, Jeremy (that's my fella) sent me g-chat to see if he could use one of the eggs. I picked up the phone and called right away. An egg. He wanted to use one of my freshly laid, from my very own chicken, eggs. And I floundered a bit. I had kind of wanted to save the first egg. Of course, then I got a hold of myself and told him that he could use one of the eggs. We did get the chickens so that they would lay eggs so that we could eat them. Meanwhile, the whole time I was thinking, "If I keep this up, I'll be on the newest episode of Hoarders in no time!".